?along the Yangtze River economic belt, with 81 percent of waters categorized as good quality by the end of June.

By 2020, all the waters in the drainage area of the Yangtze River and the rivers flowing压博足球娱乐平台419论坛品茶微信

into the Bohai Sea under state-level monitoring are expected to meet national standards of good quality.

The MEE named several provinces, including Liaoning and Shanxi, for ha

压博足球娱乐平台419论坛ving the most poor-quality waters and urged solid efforts in water pollution control.

The ministry said it will step up supervision on ar

eas with slower progress to improve the water environment.压博足球娱乐平台419论坛品茶微信

Profits of major Chinese industrial enterprises improved last month as a result of a pickup in demand and lower cos

压博足球娱乐平台419论坛ts. But more proactive policies are needed to maintain the momentum, analysts said.

The National Bureau of Statistics announced on Tuesday tha

t the profits of industrial enterprises above a designated size increased by 2.6 percent year-on-ye压博足球娱乐平台419论坛

ar to 512.67 billion yuan ($71.54 billion) in July, compared with a 3.1 percent decline in June. They include ind

ustrial enterprises with annual primary business revenue of 20 million yuan or more.

压博足球娱乐平台419论坛品茶微信Zhu Hong, an NBS senior statistician, said petrochemical, electrical machinery an

d automotive industries are the major players that changed the profit growth figure

from negative to positive. Those industries combined had a rise of 5.3 percentage points in y

ear-on-year profit growth in July for their larger firms, compared with the previous month.压博足球娱乐平台419论坛

Zhu said that given income from asset disposals and the drop in crude oil prices, the decrease in profits for petro

leum processing narrowed significantly last month-by 49.3 percentage points from June. Profit gro

压博足球娱乐平台419论坛品茶微信wth in electrical machinery sped up by 26.6 percentage points, partly due to a sales rebound.

A large increase in investment income helped the chemical industry post

a 3.2 percent profit growth in July, up from a 14.7 percent drop in June. Automotive

manufacturing saw the decline in profit narrowing by 7 percentage points, Zhu said.